Statement by the President of The United States

On Fox News Sunday, ABC This Week, NBC MTP and CBS Face The Nation.

Under our constitution, appropriations are authorized and money spent only by authorization of Congress. Congress has authorized expenditures by the Government, but that same Congress is now threatening not to pay for them, at great cost to our economy. I have attempted to negotiate with Congress, but the Republican House refuses to either authorize payment of our debts or pass a budget consistent with our expenditures.

Instead, they have conducted a campaign of dissimulation to conceal the fact that they are refusing to carry out their constitutional responsibilities.

Their apparent objective is to kill Social Security and Medicare, but they refuse to do so openly, preferring to pass the buck through fanciful constitutional amendments, smoke and mirrors.

Just as Congress has sole responsibility for expenditures, it also will be solely responsible if its reckless actions severely damage the US and world economies. I say to Speaker Bohner and his colleagues - "Do your constitutional duty as you promised when you took your oath of office. The time for political posturing is over - Do your duty or go down in history as forever dishonored."

In my dreams.


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