Cry, Cry, Baby Now

More than a few are now taking the Democratic Crybaby class to task. One of the milder reproofs comes via Josh Marshall:

From TPM Reader LW …
Wondering if you heard the quote from a pollster that EJ Dionne mentionned on (I think) the Rachel Maddow Show. Anyway, the pollster, according to Dionne, said, “Whwn I come out with a poll with bad news for Republicans, they want to kill me. When I come out with a poll that’s bad for Democrats, they want to kill themselves.” I think that comes really close to explaining the difference between the two parties and what has been happening since that first disastrous debate.

If nothing else, it shows the psychological advantage of being a member of the reality denying class. As a certifiable Democratic crybaby, I think I can acknowledge that our hysteria is counterproductive for the cause. Even the hysteria King, Andrew Sullivan, would probably admit it.

So from now on, I'll being singing "Message Discipline Uber Alles," and putting on a happy face no matter how badly Obama screws up this next debate.

And if you believe that...


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