Imagined Realities of the Right

When imagined realities come into conflict, its easy to suspect the other guys of being dishonest or delusional. Since I identify as more liberal than conservative, I probably can't be a very good critic of liberals imagined realities, but maybe somebody else will be. Conservatives mostly seem to share a lot of opinions that I consider nuts. A big chunk of them, including most of the politically prominent ones either disbelieve in Darwin's natural selection or pretend they do. Most dismiss the scientific evidence for anthropogenic global warming. Large numbers of them believe that Obama is a Muslim, a socialist, a communist and was not born in the USA.

I don't know of many widely held liberal beliefs that are that far out of alignment with scientific and other evidence, but those are not the things that realy bother me about conservatives. The things that bother me about them are mostly matters of values. Some of these value differences allegedly have their origin in Christianity, like anti-homosexual ideas, but others are frankly anti-Christian. Jesus very consistently preached against the rich and in favor of taking care of the poor, but conservatives very consistently attack programs intended to benefit the relatively poor and consistently support policies that only benefit the rich.

My pet peeve at the moment is the conservative notion of the wealthy as the "job creators" and "wealth creators," and the associated notion that if we would only give them more money, jobs would magically appear. In reality, though, the wealthy now have the lowest taxes they've had for many decades, and the job creating they have done has been abyssmal.


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