The Dread Pirate Roberts was apparently captured in the science fiction section of a San Francisco library.

To me that's a lot more satisfying ending to a tale of modern Drug Lordery than the improbably and excessively satisfying ending of Breaking Bad. The trouble with Walter White's redemption was that the suddenly compassionate and introspective WW of "Felina" doesn't accord well with the incredibly cold-bloodedly sadistic guy who poisoned Brock and let Jane die. Of course the McGiver stuff was still cute. Thanks to his tip, though, Lydia ought to survive with the help of modern medicine and antidotes: ingested ricin is a lot less poisonous than it is when injected or inhaled.

DPR, the bitcoin master of the Silk Road should be fodder for some kind of a story. Though he doesn't seem to have killed anybody personally, he apparently did try to put a hit on a blackmailer.


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