Red Cards

Lumo has a curious story about a protest in the Czech Republic where protesters showed the President red cards to symbolize their intent to "send him off", soccer style. The curious part is a photograph in which supposed protesters are taking red cards of that type from a box that still has a US embassy postmark. Such a photo would be really easy to fake, but if genuine demonstrates both outrageous US behavior and really stupid execution of this particular stupid tactic.

The subject warrants investigation, and if genuine, the guilty ambassador should be sent off.

From the Radio Prague English language daily news summary:

President Miloš Zeman says he is aware of a conspiracy theory that a protest against him on November 17 was organised by Prague’s U.S. Embassy. In an interview in Saturday’s Právo he said it was “a hypothesis that could not be ruled out”, but added that there was at present no evidence to support it.


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