Upstart Wines

I rarely drink wine. When I drink at all, it's usually beer. I usually don't care for the taste of wine, and wines, especially red wines, provoke my asthma. Also, despite my bulk, I have low alcohol tolerance, so that even one drink usually gives me a slight buzz. In any case, serious wine drinkers speak a language that I don't understand and that doesn't usually interest me.

So its really pretty odd that I found myself fascinated by this New York Times Magazine article by Bruce Shoenfeld. He begins:

A band of upstart winemakers is trying to redefine what California wine should taste like — and enraging America’s most famous oenophile in the process.

It seems that the upstarts have rather different ideas about what makes a suitable wine than Robert M. Parker, the founder of The Wine Advocate and reigning world wine guru. As I say, wines don't interest me, but people always do, and one of the more fascinating traits of H. sapiens with time and money on its hands is to become infatuated by a topic or facet of existence. Wines, like Dungeons and Dragons, Motorcycles, and cult novelists seems to be one of those topics.

You might like the story if you like wine or just find weird people fun.


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