Men Still Behaving Badly

Despite many decades of instruction by feminists, it seems that our sex is still behaving badly, and being smart enough to become an astrophysics professor doesn't mean one is smart enough not to. I wonder if prof Ott tried the no free will defense.

His punishment is interesting:

In what is believed to be a first such action by the university, the researcher has been stripped of his Caltech salary and barred from campus for 1 year, is undergoing personalized coaching to become a better mentor, and will need to prove that he has been rehabilitated before he can resume advising students without supervision. Caltech has not curtailed his research activities. The case surfaces as harassment has become a major flashpoint within the astronomy community and even within Congress.

I guess it's schadenfreude, but sometimes I like to hear that people a lot smarter than I are also dumber.


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