Climate Derangement Syndrome

I spent a long time interacting with the AGW deniers, or as I like to call them, sufferers from Climate Derangement Syndrome (CDS). It's been a month or so, but my head still hurts thinking about it. Before I forget (and I am trying) I thought I would note down a few diagnostic criteria.

(1)Paranoid conspiracy theories. The governments of all or almost all nations, in league with the overwhelming majority of climate scientists, sinister leftists and the ghost of Karl Marx are engaged in a giant conspiracy to deceive the world about climate.

(2)A few truth tellers, funded by patriotic coal companies, are still trying to tell the truth.

(3)Any fact or coincidence - a cold day in Edmonton, Alberta, for example - is golden and determinative if it supports the narrative.

(4)Any measurement, no matter how indirect (satellite temperature measurements, for example) is golden if it can be cherry picked to support the cause.

(5)Any measurement, no matter how clear cut, is part of the conspiracy if it doesn't fit.

(6)Reality can be adjusted to fit one's politics.

I'm so damned tired of stupid, but most of the other news is politics, and that is about as catastrophic as I can remember.


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