Biden Sex Problem

Joe Biden has a sexual assault problem, and the dominant impulse in the Democratic Party right now is to sweep it under the rug.  This really sucks and has the makings of a disaster for the Party and country.  Senator Gillibrand, who led the lynch mob against former Senator Al Franken, has signed on in support of Biden.

No, it hardly matters that he is accused of far less than Trump, or less even than Trump has admitted to.  Corroboration for Tara Reade's accusations seems to have reached a critical mass.  The most credible defense of Biden that I have seen is here:

Supposedly, Biden will respond to the accusations on television tomorrow.  If his response is simple denial, he should not even bother.  One thing that might help at this point is his offering to take a lie detector test if Reade will.

Right-wing media is floating the idea that if Biden falls, Hillary is ready and eager to step in.  I have a couple - OK, three - words for this:  No!, Hell No!

Biden has not helped his case by picking pervy former Senator Chris Dodd to help him pick his running mate.


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