Things Fall Apart

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind...Proverbs 11:29

Tens of thousands of Americans are dying, and millions sickened, due to malice, incompetence, and stupidity of one man, with the acquiescence of  his corrupt and cowardly party.  That is bad, it is true, but I'm more upset about the roughly 40% of Americans who still applaud his fascist path of destruction through America.

Why so?  

For a few, I imagine, it is greed.  Trump has been good to the stock market and especially to the big hedge fund player who manipulate it.  He was lucky enough to catch three years of the boom that started under Obama.

For most, I think, it is anger.  Anger is lifeblood of fascism, though somewhat ironically, Trump and friends are the embodiment of the self dealing and corruption that is one of the things that they are angry about.  Of course a lot of that anger originates in racism.  Americans who have not completed college have had a rough three decades, and every demagogue knows that the easiest people to make their target are those even lower on the social totem pole, especially when there are programs to help those below rise up.

The corrupt and anti-democratic judiciary, combined with the peculiarities of America's system of representation, have made it possible for an angry minority to dominate America's politics.

I fear that we will all inherit the hurricane.


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