Slogging Through Popper

 Popper continues to beat Plato mercilessly, and if we take Popper literally, he indeed deserves it.  But does the more or less innocent reader deserve this tiresome tirade?

I most say, at this point, how can anyone have ever taken this ridiculous crap seriously?  Perhaps I am missing something.

A short catalog of Plato's crimes

a)A fascism both extreme and absurd.  Ridiculously unworkable and viciously brutal.

b)Dishonest in his arguments and an advocate of dishonesty.

c)Putting his most un Socratic ideas in the mouth of Socrates.

Did this guy do anything worthwhile?  If he did, I expect that we won't hear it from Popper.

Popper's crime: Logorrea both brutal and extreme.


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