The Duke in Stir?

It's usually not a good sign when Federal agents break the locks to search your house. So when it happens to a congressman, you might think it would be big news in DC - but not so to the Washington Post. Fortunately, Josh Marshall is all over this one. He's getting a lot of his information from this Mark Walker story (and other stories) in the North County Times, so at least part of the Fourth Estate is on the job, even if the NYT and WaPo have chosen to sit this one out.

With evidence piling up, U.S. Rep. Randy "the Dukester" Cunningham (R, San Diego) looks increasingly like he might have a long term assignment with the Federal government even if he does lose his Congressional seat. The former "top-gun" fighter pilot and business associates have drawn coordinated raids in several locations - see Josh for the rundown.


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