Fries with that, Mr. Justice Roberts?

David Brooks, the reliable BushMob button man, makes disgusting love to the newly nominated Supreme Court Justice in his Op-Ed piece in today's New York Times: do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
A weak start, since math is not Dave's strong suit. He never does get a count.
I love thee because this is the way government is supposed to work...

...I love thee because John G. Roberts is the face of today's governing conservatism
Jeez Dave - take it to a motel will ya. How can I line my birdcage with this sheet if I've already barfed on it?

Meanwhile, the nominee's slim paper trail is emerging. Hugh Hewitt weighs in to celebrate the Justice designate's sterling legal reasoning in the case of the 12 year-old girl busted for eating a french fry. Robert's constitutional conclusions, slightly paraphrased: "If you can't do the stir, don't do the fry."

I know I'll sleep safer knowing our Capital's Metro is a fry free zone.


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