Give us a hint Big Guy!

Suppose God decided to give evolutionists a subtle hint that they had been barking up the wrong tree in failing to believe the account in Genesis. What kinds of clues could he give that don't change everything we've already learned? I have a couple of ideas, but maybe others could contribute their own.

1) A new species of non-microscopic animal or plant is found which has no relation to existing species - different genetic code, different cellular mechanisms, etc.

2) Remains of modern animals are found in, say, pre-Cambrian rocks - and have pre-Cambrian radiodates.

3) A Biblical age manuscript is found in which God outlines his reasons equipping all life with the same genetic codes and systems, and creating a perfect simulacrum of evolution, i.e., why he is working so hard at fooling us.

This is hard work. It's very hard to think of possibilities that haven't been checked and rechecked.


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