I don't have anything special against Hillary. Based on her enemies, I should even like her, but I can't back her for President, at least not in 2008.

There is a nasty dynastic streak creeping into US politics, and I really don't approve. The first clear modern hint might have been when Nixon's daughter married Eisenhower's grandson. With the Kennedy family, the dynastic tendency was clear, but it was the Bushs who achieved the Presidential one-two. It's very clear that the third Bush is already prepping for a run. It would be a disaster for democracy in America if one of the most secretive, corrupt, and dishonest families in our political history were to take control.

Hillary is not a threat of the same magnitude, but her candidacy against Bush, or even preparatory to a later Bush run, would validate the dynastic impulse, and make it much harder to run against a Bush dynasty. There must be somebody else the Democrats can run.


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