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Lubos has a new post up on a global warming debate, and I made a few comments. Since Lumo often deletes my comments, here they are:

Lumo - I want the society not to pay attention to corrupt individuals who have financial and ideological reasons to get the conclusions they get and who are connected with spheres of the society who are demonstrably driven by other things than scientific truth.

Wow Lubos! We agree absolutely on that. The only thing we disagree about is which side they are mainly on.
CapitalistImperialistPig Homepage 03.25.07 - 12:34 am #


Gene Day - Instabilities in any system are necessarily driven by energy gradients or energy differences. Our own severe climate instabilities such as thunderstorms and accompanying tornadoes are very clearly driven by the proximity of cold arctic air from Canada and warm air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Most midlatitude precipitation is also driven by this same instability. Is getting rid of tornadoes worth getting rid of rain and snow?
CapitalistImperialistPig Homepage 03.25.07 - 12:41 am #


Lumo - String theory can be rigorously proven to have the low-energy limit with gravity of Einstein, gauge theories, fermions, that are all you need to describe all the millions of past experiments in physics:

Don't you need a few other things that aren't yet rigorously derived from string theory - like your inflaton and other scalar fields need to acquire mass? And last I heard, nobody had yet derived the particle spectrum or interaction parameters from basic string theory, and isn't it those things(among others) that contains that info derived to various degrees of accuracy?


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