Once More

A couple of posts ago, I repeated some exhanges I had with Lubos on his site. I did so because I thought he might delete them. The one he did delete surprised me though:

Lumo - I want the society not to pay attention to corrupt individuals who have financial and ideological reasons to get the conclusions they get and who are connected with spheres of the society who are demonstrably driven by other things than scientific truth.

Wow Lubos! We agree absolutely on that. The only thing we disagree about is which side they are mainly on.

At the time I was surprised at the deletion, but in retrospect, I think I understand it. Clever fellow that he is Lubos realizes how weak his ground is when he matches up those who earn their daily bread by flacking for Exxon Mobile versus people who publish papers on scientific research. He had to delete this meme before it penetrated the firewalls in his brain and let some logic in. Who knows what might happen if that occurred - maybe even his wingnut groupies might abandon him.

The funny thing is, I think that the smart part of the Motl brain will eventually rebel against some of the crack-brained crap the denialists are peddling - and that might produce a crisis.


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