Evil Nature

Why are so many conservatives evil? I guess it's obvious in some cases: Cheney, Coulter, Limbaugh, Perle and others have sold their souls to the Devil, and he is a tough bill collector. So what about New Mexico's senior senator Pete Domenici. He should be looking forward to a distinguished retirement, but instead gets caught lying to cover up Bush administration criminality? And how abow about all those ordinary seeming citizens who vote for the crooks, racists and their enablers?

There might be a mix of explanations. Some are just nuts. Others were brainwashed at some point in their lives, or maybe just blew their brains out with drugs. My guess, though, is that the leading cause of conservatism is chip on the shoulder syndrome. A lot of people feel that life gave them a bad deal, and are filled with envy and hatred of those they consider more fortunate. Still others know they got a better deal than they deserved, and feel obliged to disdain and hate those less lucky.

Funny that liberals don't seem to suffer any of these problems.


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