Captain Sourpuss Reviews HP 7 II

OK, there are a few things I really hated about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part II, the movie.

(1) 3-D

(2) The fact that the film appeared to have been shot through a dirty beer bottle.  The lighting was so bad that I could hardly recognize most of the characters, much less see what they were doing.

(3) The climactic showdown between Harry and Voldy.  The bang-bang nonsense sucked all the drama out of their confrontation.

(4) The narrative compression required to make this the shortest HP movie.  I don't see how anyone not deeply initiated could figure out what was happpening.

I also didn't care for the treatment of Snape's memories.  This is a lovely episode in the book - not so much in the movie.

Yates made one good movie (VI) and four bad ones.


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