Wisdom of Solomon

One strategy in a tight spot is to convince your opponent that you are an insanely Moronic Fool, hereinafter abbreviated crazy MoFo. Solomon was argued to have been wise because, presented with the case of two women each claiming to be the mother of an infant, he offered to cut the infant in half and give each woman a share. Oddly enough, one woman was apparently nuts enough to accept his offer, so he gave the kid to the one who preferred an intact child.

The real point of the story, so I have heard, was to convince Solomon's political rivals that he was a crazy enough MoFo to rip Israel apart to keep his political power.

The crazy MoFo strategy is most effective when wielded against a wimp, as the House Republicans seem to be demonstrating against Obama. The trouble is that their crazy MoFo act appears extremely convincing - a heck of a lot of them really do seem to be crazy MoFos, and they aren't too bright either.

Maybe we shall see when the bank runs begin.


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