Control of Mobile Robots

That's my latest Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) from Coursera. So far it seems pretty good, but I have to say that Coursera does not seem as pedagogically advanced as Udacity and Duolingo. Essentially the course seems to consist of talking head lectures, in bite sized bits, with a quiz at the end. The quiz tested my dim remembrance of differential equations more than my recall of the lectures.

Udacity and Duolingo are much better at giving you immediate interaction and feedback.

My opinion is that a good MOOC needs to be more than talking head lectures and tests with quick feedback. Other key elements are interactivity and gamification. Duolingo appears to have traveled furthest down that road, but Udacity is good too. Of course nice graphics, preferably interactive, would also be cool - but my video game designer tells me that would be very expensive.

The C of Mobile robots course also has optional MATLAB simulations, but you need to buy a copy of software - only $100 for the student edition.


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