Ideal Weather

I have always liked watching snow. Of course it's a bit of a rarity here in Southern New Mexico. At 40 miles north of Mexico, we are far enough South to be to the right of most storm tracks. It's also a bit warm for snow most of the year, though at 3900 feet, not entirely too warm. Well, we got a couple of days of snow this week, and so far its worked out pretty well. Down here in Las Cruces, the ground is warm enough so that the roads are staying wet rather than icy, while the snow piles up on the lawn.

It melts on my driveway fast enough that it would hardly be worth shoveling off, even if I still owned a snow shovel.

Since I work at a remote location that involves crossing a 5700 foot plus mountain pass, a quiet little snowstorm down here often turns into a blizzard up there, and icy drifts can accumulate faster than snowplows can clear them. So it was this morning, and hence work was first delayed and then cancelled - sort of a snow bonus, though of course all the work will still be waiting on Monday. More than likely, the snow will be gone by then, except in the mountains.


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