Hating on the Rich

I don't hate the rich because they have Mercedes S-600's and I don't. Even though the S classes are really comfortable cars for oversized people like me. No, I hate the rich because they have S classes and private jets*. Aside from these unworthy and petty jealousies, though, it really makes me furious when the rich and super rich oppose programs that benefit the poor and middle class.

A significant fraction of the super rich devote large tax free expenditures to trying to undermine and destroy public education, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs that benefit the middle class and poor. It is an outrage that they are allowed to do this with tax free dollars, and it's a scandal that they do it at all. The Democrats really need to run people who will confront these problems and commit to attacking them.

JK - I don't really hate people for that, even though I am jealous. I'm serious about the rest of the post though.


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