Is Trump the Siberian Candidate?

Even before the leaked DNC emails were traced to hacks by Russian intelligence, Paul Krugman and others were assembling the evidence that Trump was Putin's candidate. Beyond the extravagant mutual admiration society, there are the money ties. Trump's campaign manager, for example, Paul Manafort, was previously in the employ of Victor Yanukovich, Putin's deposed man in Ukraine. another excerpt or two.

Then came Mr. Trump’s interview with The New York Times, in which, among other things, he declared that even if Russia attacked members of NATO he would come to their aid only if those allies — which we are bound by treaty to defend — have “fulfilled their obligations to us.”

...there are reasons to wonder about Mr. Trump’s own financial interests. Remember, we know nothing about the true state of his business empire, and he has refused to release his taxes, which might tell us more. We do know that he has substantial if murky involvement with wealthy Russians and Russian businesses. You might say that these are private actors, not the government — but in Mr. Putin’s crony-capitalist paradise, this is a meaningless distinction.

Will America's so far feckless press learn enough about this to be interesting? And if so, will Americans believe it, or care. The American right-wing is curiously attached to fascists even if they used to be in the KGB. They would probably kiss Raul Castro's ass if he declared himself an anti-Communist and sold off all state assets to his buddies for pennies on the dollar.


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