Word/Bond Nonsense

Ted Cruz had a little Q&A with RNC delegates over his refusal to endorse Trump. One of the low lights occurred when a weeping Dimbo attacked him for failing to keep his debate "promise" to support the nominee of the party. Cruz had a fairly good answer, basing his opposition on Trump's slander of his father and insulting his wife, but I think that there is a better one: Nobody who isn't willing to go back on a political pledge when the good of the country requires it is qualified for the Presidency or any other high office. Politicians who hold political office, in particular, have a much higher duty in the pledge they made to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Nobody should be President who is completely bound by that foolish consistency that Emerson called the hobgoblin of little minds. Some pledges, like promising to support the Party's nominee no matter what, or to not raise taxes, no matter what, are perniciously foolish on their face, but the Republican party has been particularly bedeviled by these stupidities.

Now, however, they have a nominee whose word is just whatever came out of his mouth last, and whose only sincere impulse is to look after himself. I just hope that the country is not quite as foolish.


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