Age of Course is a Fever Chill...

...that every Physicist must Fear. He's better Dead than Living Still, Once Past his Thirtieth Year...............P.A.M. Dirac.

Dirac probably exaggerated, but the sentiment applies to others as well. Most athletes are in decline by age thirty, and we all start to slow down. Lots of professions have age limits, implicit or explicit. These ought to apply to certain public officials. Hillary Clinton developed pneumonia, and decided hide it and to just "push through it." This led directly to her embarrassing near collapse at the 9/11 ceremony. Once more her penchant for secretiveness rose up to bite her. A friend of mine, a year or so younger than her, made the same choice, and died suddenly as a result.

Hillary is 68, which, in my opinion, is too old to become President. Her principal opponent, Donald Trump, is two years older, and given the greater fragility of males with age, probably the longevity equivalent of five years older. If it was up to me, 64 or 65 would be the maximum age for eligibility to be inaugurated as President and Supreme Court Justices would face mandatory retirement at age 70. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate is 66, also over my age limit. Gary Johnson is 63, so narrowly under it.


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