This odd survey shows that a lot of white Americans think that blacks are "less evolved." Unsurprisingly, Trump fans are the most likely to believe that, which is a bit odd, since they don't believe in evolution. In any case, the idea is nonsense. For one thing, modern evolutionary theory rejects the idea of a hierarchy of evolution - we have all been evolving for the same time, and I mean all, including all humans, cats, mice, fish, and plants, and we all descend from a common ancestor living a couple of billion years ago.

Of course that doesn't mean that we are all the same, and modern Europeans, for example, have probably changed more in some specific features than our cousins who stayed in Africa, like skin color, hair and hair color, and body proportions. These changes may have been due to our interbreeding with the older species, the Neandertal (or not), but in any case helped us adapt to a colder climate with less sunshine.


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