Rakhigarhi: DNA vs PC Indian Style

Vasant Shinde, the principal investigator on the Rakhigarhi DNA from the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) has given an bizarre interview on his results.  Apparently they were not very successful in their attempts to extract ancient DNA, probably not too surprising since both they and their Korean partners were beginners in the business, but they do seem to have gotten useful DNA from two skeletons.  Those genomes showed Iranian DNA but no Central Asian DNA.  Now for the weird part.  From an article in The Tribune:
Three years after digging out human skeletons from the Harappan-era graveyard in Rakhigarhi village, archaeologists have concluded that there was no large-scale influx of foreigners or migration of locals, indicating those living in Haryana and the Ghaggar basin now are descendants of original inhabitants. 
Prof Vasant Shinde, Vice Chancellor of Deccan College, Pune, said on Friday that the DNA analysis of 5,000-year-old skeletal remains belonging to the Indus Valley Civilisation revealed that there had been no migration from this region for the last 10,000 years. 
“The Aryan invasion theories, stating that people from other countries arrived in India while locals migrated, are no longer relevant. There is no substance in these theories. Maybe the term Aryan, which is being used from the Vedic era, was used for a tribe or community,” he said. He asserted that they were saying this on the basis of actual data.
This is nonsensical.  The Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) has never been about migrations within India, and it certainly was not about the IVC being Central Asians.  So, if it is true that the IVC burials skeletons lack Steppe DNA, the AIT is supported, not denied.  Instead, the AIT posits that Central Asians invaded India after the decline and fall of the IVC.  The lack of Central Asian DNA in the Rakhigarhi burials is precisely what would be expected from the AIT.

I can't believe that Shinde doesn't know all this, so how can he not be lying?  Why would he do such a thing, something sure to trash his scientific reputation?  The Indian government is currently controlled by Hindu religious fundamentalist, who believe that Vedic Civilization derives directly from the IVC, that Indian Civilization is purely autochthonous and in the historicity of the Hindu religious texts.  Shinde is an important guy in a university dependent on government funding, and want money for his DNA lab.

Perhaps these bizarre assertions will be clarified if the Rakhigarhi data is ever published.

UPDATE:  A much more informative account comes from Razib Khan: https://www.gnxp.com/WordPress/2018/04/27/rakhigarhi-sample-doesnt-have-steppe-ancestry-probably-indus-periphery/

Money quote from Niraj Rai, head of the lab where the DNA was analyzed:
In other words, the preprint observes that the migration from the steppes to South Asia was the source of the Indo-European languages in the subcontinent. Commenting on this, Rai said, “any model of migration of Indo-Europeans from South Asia simply cannot fit the data that is now available.”


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