Rules of Measure

The long periods between anything happening in a typical soccer game have given me a lot of time to reformulate my new rules for football.  There are a lot of fouls where the penalties are either too light or two severe.  Pulling down or deliberately tripping a player on an open run at the goal is one that earns a yellow card.  Not really enough, and for players already on a yellow, the red card is so severe that it's rarely enforced.  The referees in this World Cup have been instructed to be very sparing with red cards because FIFA doesn't like 10 on 11 (or 9 on 11) games - and neither does anyone else.

There are far too many fouls that go uncalled in the penalty box (take downs, jersey pulls, wrestling holds).  These too usually go uncalled.

My  new suggested revisions:

1) Replace throw in with free kick in. (This one is actually due to Pele)

2) Allow 5, 7 or perhaps more substitutions in a game.

3) In the event of a red card, the offender is sent off but may be replaced.  Also, a red card anywhere on the field earns a penalty kick.

4) A yellow card anywhere on the field earns a "half-penalty" shot - a free kick from a spot (say) 28 yards from the goal.

5) In the event that a tie-breaker is needed, play 7 on 7.

6) And, oh yeah, end the silly practice of stoppage time.  Keep the actual time on the public clocks, as in American Football and Basketball, so everybody knows how much time is left.

7) Mandatory removal of concussed players, with a free substitution.  Every game appears to have one or two concussions, and playing on with a concussion is a prime suspect in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.


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