A Dip in the Cesspool

Provoked, as usual, by Lumo, I have been hunting the wild La Griffe du Lion. What I was looking for was some analytic commentary on his work, something about his sources and methods, or any clues to his identity. So far my search has been unrewarding. On the other hand, it has taken me into some of the cesspools of the racist right.

A question about the identity took me to a site called American Renaissance and an article by, yes, John Derbyshire. The article was interesting enough, just Derbyshire talking to some anonymous blogger about how dangerous it was to discuss the information coming out of genetic studies, but my trail led into the comments (where it proved false), but that was a cesspool indeed. A small sample:

Pre-1965 Euro-America annihilated the “super smart” Japanese race 60 years ago. Euro-America can do the same to Hindu India today. However, if the treason lobby-Bush family-has it’s way, Hindu thieves from India-legal immigrants- will be allowed to 1)continue stealing jobs from Euro-Christian American men and women who have families to support and 2)use their new found wealth to buy treasonous politicians such as Jorge Boosh and the filthy Clintons(has the testosterone-flushed Hillary sprouted a false penis like the hyena bitch in Africa?)
AR also provided a helpful table of its other race related articles, to give us a clue:

    • Race and Psychopathic Personality (Jul. 2002)
    • Race and Teenage Pregnancy (Feb. 2002)
    • The Biological Reality of Race (Oct. 1999)
    • Why Race Matters (Oct. 1997)
    • Race and Health (May 1996)
    • A New Theory of Racial Differences (Dec. 1994)
    • More news stories on Racial Differences


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