Physics Bitch Fight 2006!

Lubos Motl has a very long post up today devoted to dissing Chad Orzel. Naturally, Lubos keeps the discussion on his usual high moral (~ fourth grade) plane, expending vast numbers of pixels making largely irrelevant points, calling Chad stupid, and referring to him as Ms. or Mr. Orzel.

Chad made some reasonable points, but did call Lubos's kid ugly:
... he combines the worst sort of string-theorist attitude with political views that I find obnoxious, and a website design that I find appalling ...
I, on the other hand, find Chad's anti-IE site a bit of a pain.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the cage match. Chad is approximately the dimensions of a pre-global-warming polar bear, whereas Lubos seems to me a bit more like an undernourished seal.


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