To Hell with Yale

was a football cheer of yore.

I have been thinking about Yale and what it's given to America, and the picture isn't happy:

(a) Innumerable annoying people named Buckley.

(b) Jared Taylor, prominently featured in comments to a previous post.

(c) Prescott Bush - Alleged robber of Geronimo's grave, Hitler's Banker, and early member of a despicable dynasty.

(c) G H W Bush - Highly trained but inept President. Started an unnecessary war and ran up a huge budget deficit.

(d) W J Clinton - Brilliant and moderately successful President. Booted most of it away through personal misbehavior, sloppiness, and dishonesty. Handed country over to Republicans, especially to his successor.

(e) G W Bush - Our most inept and doltish President. Would be dictator.

(f) J Kerry - Inept and doltish Democratic Candidate who kept GW in Office.

(g) H R Clinton - Wannabee heir to a potential Clinton Dynasty. Probably one of the few Democrats likely to keep the Presidency/Kingdom in the hands of the Bush dynasty.

All of which brings to mind Joseph Heller's We Bombed in New Haven. Maybe we *should* raze the joint. Besides, I don't think I've got any readers there anyway - at least not anymore;)!


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    AH the politics

  2. What about Murray Gell-Mann or Fox Mulder?

    I have absolutely no interest to defend "Harvard for Dummies" :-) but you're being unfair both to Yale as well as the specific alumni.

    Imagine how someone would describe your alma mater with you as an example.

    Alumni of XY school:

    Innumerable inept Communist and Ecoterrorist Pigs whose main goal was to be obnoxious and supplement all profound and wise comments over at Lubos Motl's Reference Frame by doltish crap and whose conscience was crippled by a lot of stocks that they did not deserve. ;-)

  3. My AM - a deservedly obscure State School which lately does well in division 1A football. Has a good forestry program. Did graduate one Nobelist a long time ago. Graduated one deservedly obscure physicist-blogger long time passing.

    Yale - Murray Gell-Mann is probably the greatest living physicist. I sure Yale has graduated many fine scientists, leaders, etc. - and I even kind of like Clinton.

    One of my favorite Yale stories is from Harvard's humor magazine "Best Colleges" story, where they rated Yale dead last - 13001 or so, and noted that there were 378 available extracurricular activities, 374 of which were acappella singing societies. It described acappella singing as having been invented during the Crimean War as a method for torturing dogs;)

  4. Lumo - You will, I'm confident be pleased to know that my ownership of stocks has made me neither wealthy nor financially independent. They might just barely earn enough to pay my electric bills. Without a job or a pension I would be quite poor pretty soon.


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