At The Beginning: Your Fault JRE

Alysa Rosenbaum's bourgeois childhood was disrupted by the Russian Revolution. Doubtless this fact explains at least part of her lifelong antipathy for collectivism in any form. Her unrelenting ferocity, and her own quasi-Stalinist intolerance for any opinion but hers suggests something deeper to me, though.

Yes, reader, I have embarked upon Atlas Shrugged. I'm not in a position to do any kind of review - I'm only on Chapter 2, but I have formed certain impressions of the lay of the land. The number one impression I have is that all the heroic characters (as I imagine them) and probably the author are somebody I've seen before - the Asperger's syndrome semi-genius. Naturally that's a snap judgement, subject to revision after further reading, but the fundamental diagnostic criteria (DSM IV) appear to be there for Dagny and Hank.

I don't want to attempt to compete with the many talented reviewers who have mocked her prose, but I don't find it too annoying, yet anyway. More later.

PS to Luboš: If you haven't read her, you should try. You might like it.


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