Re Asperger's, Lee asks:

Are you really serious about this or are you being facetious?

Let's consider it part by part.  First two paragraphs - I'm just reporting here.  

Do I seriously believe that there is such a theory?  Of course. 

Do I believe it is seriously speculative? Yes. 

Do I think it's interesting?  Yes.

Next two paragraphs.  Let me be more explicit.  Suppose we take a standard diagnostic list like this one.   If we sort a large random group according to the degree at which they exhibit these characteristics, do I seriously believe that physicists would tend to cluster more on one side of the mean?  Yes.   The side with the extreme constituting the true Aspies?  Yes.

Finally, I really do believe that the heroic characters in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged are pretty far toward the Aspie/Autistic side of this line - far enough to be classifiable.

Does that answer the question?


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