It's A Rich Man's World

Kevin Drum notes the obvious in: Politics of the Rich, By the Rich, For the Rich

Dan Eggen and Perry Bacon Jr. report on the start of Obama's fundraising campaign for 2012:
Facing an energized Republican Party and deep-pocketed conservative groups, President Obama is kicking off his 2012 reelection campaign with a concerted push for help from wealthy donors and liberal groups unbound by spending limits...
I suppose that soon we'll be able to do away with even the charade that anyone with a net worth of less than a million bucks matters in the slightest. Given Obama's obvious deference to the rich over the past two years, this was probably sadly inevitable.

Of course Obama's deference didn't appease the most of the rich - they still want it all.

The odd's are probably poor of a real liberal being elected.


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