Twenty Sixteen

When you read "2016" you quite naturally  feel a little spurt of nausea, disgust, and pain.  That's only normal.  Now if you follow that with a bit of adrenaline and interest, you are a hopeless political junkie.  This post is for you.

The dumbest mistake the Democrats could make now would be to take Hispanics for granted.  The second dumbest would be to take blacks for granted.  Republicans may not be in a position to appeal to black people anytime real soon, but they sure as hell are going to make a run at the Hispanic vote.  They have a number of potent potential weapons, especially Jeb Bush.  If he chooses not to run, there are several young guys who might fill either position on the ticket.  Moreover, Republicans have demonstrated that in Texas, a majority minority State, they can win a lot of Hispanic votes.  This partly because the Democrats in Texas are a mess, but mainly because they (the Republicans) have bothered to try.

To be continued.


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