Uh Oh...

Will Rogers famously noted that he wasn't a member of any organized political party . . . he was a Democrat.  James Fallows, via Paul Krugman, presents some evidence of worrisome changes:
James Fallows says something I’ve been thinking, too:
For the first time in my conscious life, the Democratic party is now more organized and coherent, and less fractious and back-biting, than the Republicans. It is almost stupefying to imagine that.
Krugman seems to think that might be a good thing.
Still, hubris and all that: this newly effective coalition could be shattered if taken for granted. And you know what could really produce the kind of dispirited base that was supposed to doom Obama in 2012? A sellout on key Democratic values as part of a Grand Bargain. If, say, Obama raises the retirement age in return for vague promises on revenue (promises that would be betrayed at the first opportunity); if he appoints a deficit scold to a major economic post; it could all fall apart.
Take that, Erskine Bowles.  It's not too soon to start worry about Obama turning from warrior king to lord of the wing-nut appeasing wimps.


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