Gropergate: Will Trump's Past Finally Catch Up With Him?

There may be a critical mass issue for the powerful sexual predator. Rumors and scattered accusations left Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby untouched for decades. Finally, however, a few brave and persistent women let loose the flood that washed away the protections of their power. Trump has already been accused by two women, under oath, of sexual assault. These accusations bounced off his armor of bluster and money. The damning thing about the new video is that Trump admits and brags about sexually assaulting women. If that brings wronged and angry women out of the woodwork, he is probably finished.

Think of it as the moral equivalent of his finally "shooting someone on Fifth Avenue."

Meanwhile, Drudge and the other Nazgul have flocked back to Mordor, armed with more emails stolen by Putin, for a final assault on Hillary.


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