How Important is Class in this Election?

I was pretty surprised by the huge gap between white college grads and their counterparts without degrees. The latest Washington Post poll not only shows a race that is suddenly extremely close (and this is before Comey's latest email stunt) but yawning gaps among white voters. There is a 31% difference between the preferences of the graduates (Clinton) and those with high school or less (Trump). Those with some college are only minutely different from the high school only voters. those with post-grad degrees are quite a bit stronger for Clinton.

If this poll is correct, Clinton's support has collapsed dramatically in recent days. I can't guess how much influence the new emails (so far we have only contradictory stories about their contents and even the correspondents) but even as terra incognita it's prompting more Republican hysterical celebration.

I wonder if I should buy gold as preparation for the Trumpocalypse.


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