The Zionist Disaster

The opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem was the occasion of a massive protest at the walls of the Gaza prison camp, and dozens of Palestinians were slaughtered and well over a thousand wounded.  Such is the cost of Israel's apartheid policy.  One trouble with Zionism is that Israel was begun just when colonialism was going out of fashion - it was starting to become unpopular to seize the lands of militarily weaker people and and exterminate or crush them.  Another problem was that Israel was embedded in a larger culture that was profoundly hostile.

Israel has always had a superior PR department, and the newspapers are all full of stories blaming Hamas - if only they hadn't encouraged Palestinians to try to escape their prison, they wouldn't be dead or missing shot off limbs.  That is true, I suppose, but the fact that people are desperate enough to protest where there is likelihood of death or catastrophic injury is not something conjured out of thin air.

Under Netanyahu, Israel has committed itself to a policy similar to those which led to the genocides of the Native American and Australian Aboriginal population.  The two state solution is no longer tenable.

Historically, when one people conquers another, the losers are either exterminated or crushed and assimilated.  Neither Israel nor the Palestinians are willing to consider the second alternative.


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