A black female grad student at Yale fell asleep in her residence hall's common room.  Another, white, female, student confronted her and called the cops, claiming that the first grad student didn't belong there.  After the police arrived, the black woman established her right to be there, the white woman was admonished, and people went on their way, but the offended student was properly outraged and the press picked up the story.  It happened that the same white student had previously called the cops on another black Yale student in the same building.

Naturally the woman who made the two unjustified calls is going to be subjected to some brutal internet shaming, and, if she has any sense, has cancelled or blocked all her social media accounts.  Despite her bad behavior, I have some sympathy for this woman, who seems to be, at the least, a bit of a case of failure to launch.  She apparently has two undergraduate engineering degrees and a J.D. and is a member of the bar, but is still a student, this time in philosophy.

Meanwhile, the victims are making the most of their 15 minutes of fame.  They posted this on Facebook:
"Calling the police on a Black student because he is lost in any part of (the Hall of Graduate Studies) and the wider Yale campus is an act of violence," the post states. "Sending four policemen to the Common Room in my resident (hall) because a Black Yale student is lost ... is an act of violence because of the history of state sanctioned executions of faultless Black men, women and children."
Sorry, but this does not compute on at least two levels.  You would think that somebody who gets into Yale would have a clearer notion of the definition of the word "violence."  It's pretentious nonsense to compare the fact that you were inconvenienced and embarrassed to what happened to those who  were murdered, raped, or attacked with clubs and police dogs.  And their final deduction makes me pretty sure that they aren't majoring in logic.


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