The Big Lie

The Republican party has learned well from Stalin, Hitler, and others. Tell a lie often enough, and people will believe it. Republican speakers tonight were very effective, at least if you didn't know that almost everything they said was a lie. Palin is a very dangerous opponent, because she is one of the glibbest liars I've ever seen. Even Bush and McCain have little verbal tics when they are lying, but not Palin.

She lies about stuff she probably does know, like her record in Alaska, and about stuff she might not know, like Obama's tax proposals. I think she is averaging about one lie per sentence. She probably even believes what she is saying.

It's only too clear why they called her Sarah Barracuda. It's also clear that the Republican campaign this time will be unconstrained by any attention to truth, reality, or decency. God help the American people if they fall for this crap again.

The addition of the booing/cheering claque to the Republican Convention is a nice touch. I'm not sure what they were chanting, but it sounded a bit like Sieg Heil! to me.


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