McCain's Game

OK, a bipartisan consensus was reached on the bailout, John McCain flies in to play the poseur/hero, and the consensus falls apart. So what's McCain's game here? Was it all set up to give him something to save? Or does he really want to play the leader of resistance - to vote against the bailout and (perhaps) hope it passes. The last is my wild guess, but I wouldn't put any more money on it. So here are a few scenarios, to go with the new quiz I am putting up.

Scenario 1. McCain leads the principled conservative resistance, the bailout passes, and anything less than full fledged success he uses as his wedge issue.

Scenario 2. Same as one, but bailout fails, economy crashes, MacDaddy tries to blame it on Obama.

Scenario 3. Same as two, but economy limps along anyway. McCain is conquering hero.

Scenario 4. McCain talks to conservatives, Dems concede only a little, MaC leads a divided party in approving the bailout, which passes and tries to claim some of the credit.

Which do you think will appeal to the compulsive high-stakes Gambler?

If no deal tonight, I'm guessing the Dow breaks below 10 k tomorrow. If so, that whiff of grapeshot might change a few minds.


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