I watched as much of the Republican convention as I could stand - OK, it was only about thirty minutes, so I need to distract myself with a bit of frivolity.

If you recognize the address, 10096 Sunset Boulevard, chances are that you are an over the top Billy Wilder or Andrew Lloyd Webber fan. If you have gone to Google Earth to check it out, or actually driven out to check it out, you are definitely a wacko.

OK, so Sunset Boulevard is one of my favorite Lloyd Webber musicals as well as a great Billy Wilder picture. I have been impatiently waiting for its "return" to film for a decade or two now.

I happen to think that Madonna made a great Evita in the movie of the same name, and it occurred to me that she has just recently reached to appropriate age to play Norma. Isn't going to happen, I guess. Instead, Glenn Close, who did an excellent job in the theatrical production, has the role - for which she is now clearly too old - only about a decade younger than John McCain.


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