McCain's Platform (Again)

Bad economic news again today with a big increase in unemployment and big upward revisions of job losses for recent months. John McCain's prescriptions: railing against Washington and more tax cuts for the super rich. Republicans have controlled the Presidency for 20 of the last 28 years, and either the Congress or the Presidency for all but two of those 28. John McCain was in Washington, in Congress, for twenty-six of those years, and during that time the Republicans relentlessly pursued those policies of tax cuts for the rich (and railed against an imaginary establishment other than themselves).

The result: consistently poor economic and job growth. Reagan, Bush I and Bush II each had less economic growth per year than any of the last four Democratic Presidencies. The present Bush pursued those policies more fanatically than any of his predecessors and has had by far the worst economic performance - for everybody but the very rich.

If the American people fall for this crap again, they truly are hopeless.

Indications to date are not promising.


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