Alternate Scenario

Ten years ago the United States was attacked by terrorists who were predominantly Saudi, in an attack planned and financed by Saudis. George Bush decided to protect his family's business partners and put the family of the mastermind - including one of the attack's alleged financiers - on a jet and sent them back to Saudi.

Insurer's are now suing the Saudi government over its role.

U.S. investigators, it said, unearthed a list of al-Qaida's financial backers known as the "Golden Chain."

"When Osama bin Laden formed al-Quida," the complaint said, "many of these financiers became champions of bin Laden's new mission to wage jihad globally."

"[T]he September 11th Attacks were a direct, intended, and foreseeable product of" al-Qaida's "global jihad," it continued. Thus the financial backers "bear primary responsibility for the injuries resulting from the September 11th Attacks" and must pay the costs, it said.

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It could be interesting.

It would have been even more interesting if George Bush had detained the bin Ladens and asked demanded massive political changes and reparations from the Saudis.


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