Notice Me! Reprise.

Steve Landburg is a frequent and frequently vituperative critic of Paul Krugman.  Rarely has Krugman deigned to answer is his less distinguished colleague, but on the subject of House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor's decision to hold Hurricane Irene disaster relief hostage, he does.  The result is surprisingly instructive, though (in my view) most of the instruction comes from Krugman and the commenters on Landsburg's blog.

The argument, and yes, you do have to click thru to follow it:-)




And even Steve is happy about it.

What I like about people in academics is that when we disagree, we actually care about figuring out who’s right — and therefore we have a tendency to reach consensus, though it can take a while.

It can be more important that people acknowledge our points than agree with them.  Of course Steve has decided not to notice mine.  Which calls for this truly lame video (but I still like the song):


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