Axis of ...

Is our Cosmos asymmetric? A new study of supernovae accelerations says yes.

Rong-Gen Cai and Zhong-Liang Tuo at the Key Laboratory of Frontiers in Theoretical Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing have re-examined the data from 557 supernovas throughout the Universe and recrunched the numbers.

Today, they confirm that the preferred axis is real. According to their calculations, the direction of greatest acceleration is in the constellation of Vulpecula in the Northern hemisphere. That's consistent with other analyses and also with other evidence such as other data showing a preferred axis in the cosmic microwave background.

That will force cosmologists to an uncomfortable conclusion: the cosmological principle must be wrong.

However, this line from the abstract caught my eye:

We find that ... the anisotropy is more prominent when only low redshift data ($z\leq0.2$) are used.

Sounds a bit suspicious to me.


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