Beans and Nothingness

Wolfgang, presumably having been driven over some edge by our interminable debates over Keynesianism, is talking about qualia and invisible pink unicorns today. Now I've never seen an invisible pink unicorn, though of course their sign is all over the place, but I'd think them dangerous to hunt, since there is always the danger that your buddy will hear one, swing and fire, hitting a companion by mistake. Specially if he has been drinking.

I did use to hunt qualia though, with my pal Dick C, or Dixie as we called him for short. It was pretty cool. Of course we didn't really want to have to hunt for these damn qualia - they are hard to describe - so we'd go to this ranch where the employees would stuff some of the pen raised little rascals into bushes (LOL!) and then when we wandered about give the bush a little kick (double LOL!) causing them to take off. Blam! Blam! Blam! That kind of hunting really recaptures the frontier experience - without some of the messy trouble.

Oops! Somebody just pointed out that I seemed to be talking about quail rather than qualia.

Never mind. I actually don't know beans about qualia. I don't think they are even good to eat.


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