Another Gloomy Israel Assessment

Andrew Sullivan (again) has some quotes from Tony Judt's last interview:

The characterization that comes to mind is "autistic." Israel behaved in a way that suggests it is no longer fully able to estimate, assess or understand the way other people think about it. Even if you supported the blockade (I don't) this would be an almost exemplary case of shooting oneself in a painful part of the anatomy.
In short, this is the action of a country which is fast losing touch with reality.
Another perspective, the long one, would be to say that Israel is behaving very much like the annoying little Judean state that the Romans finally dismantled in frustration. This classical analogy may be more relevant than we think. I suspect that in decades to come America (the new Rome) will abandon Israel as annoying, expensive, and a liability.

The thing is, it's hard to be humble when you are sure that you are chosen by God.

The Israel lobby is not fond of Jews who stray so far from the party line. Sullivan adds:

Jeffrey Goldberg doesn't like Judt's thoughts so much. The reflexive bile is staggering:

What comes through, more than anything else, is Tony Judt's contempt for Jews, his blatant dishonesty, and his support for the radical Arab vision of a Judenrein-Middle East.

Yes: Tony Judt was a lying anti-Semite. And a Nazi who wanted a Judenrein Middle East. Feel better after writing that?


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